Beastman Caravan

Welcome to my shop!

From a young age I was obsessed with medieval fantasy in all forms; books, movies, comics, art, music, and games. I grew up marveling at the works of Frazetta, Vajello, Parkinson, the brothers Hidlebrandt, and was fortunate enough to have parents who would take me to the library to check out their art books. I watched conan, the hobbit, wizards, fire & ice, willow, and fantasy movies religiously. My taste has not changed much since then!

Over time, I began attending renaissance festivals and gaming conventions. I fell in love with costumes, garb, and all the accessories that go with them. I fawned over things I could not afford, but many of them I looked at and thought to myself, "hey, i can make this," and so I tried...and failed, and failed some more. But I learned and got better. Years later during a period of mourning when I needed a creative outlet, I decided that my dabbling in leathercraft needed to be taken seriously if I was ever going to make anything remotely "good." I dove in and haven't looked back.

I stayed up all night making things. I dreamed about making things. When I was at work during the day, I planned out what I was going to do as soon as I got home because I could not waste a minute. I slowly got better to the point where I was proud enough of my work to show it to friends which quickly turned into friends asking for me to make them something. So I did. Then I did more. Then suddenly I had quit my corporate job and was hawking my wares at heavy metal concerts and local markets. Then I packed up my life (and tools!) into a van and traveled the country while making things along the way. Eventually, I settled down in Hot Springs, Arkansas and started a family. Over the years I changed my techniques, materials, and tools to get to where I am at now and am proud to offer a unique twist on many common leather goods. I hope you like what you see in my shop and wish you well in your adventures.

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